1. R

    Added Drives Not Showing Correct Storage

    Hello, So I have 3 500gb drives in my system. All of the drives showed up as they are supposed to, but when I added them to a pool, the total size went down to 900gb instead of 1.5tb. What happened to the rest of the storage? Thanks, -Josh
  2. K

    getent passwd showing all users in AD but not shown in pools permissions

    Hi, I guess we have correctly joined our FreeNAS to our AD (getent passwd shows all users (more than 26000)) but in the pools permissions dropdowns they are not shown. Any idea about what may be happening? Thanks.
  3. S

    Advice for a newbie setting up ZFS

    Hello. Recently I have inherited an older 45drives server (REV4) to manage with the following specs: - 15 6TB WD RED NAS SATA drives - 15 4TB Seagate SATA drives (sorry cannot recall model) - CPU: i3 3220 - RAM: I will max it out at 32GB, DDR3 1333MHz, ECC - Boot drive will be a 256GB SSD The...
  4. Sparx

    No temperature on HDDs when more than one Pool mounted.

    FreeNAS-11.2-U3: So when i have one pool mounted the temps are reported normally like this. But when mounting a second pool. The same drives read as N/A. Also under reporting i get only readout of the SATA HDDs. Not SATA SSDs. Not sure if the two are related. Same behavior with second pool...
  5. O

    Unable to Create Pool - CAM status: SCSI Status Error

    Hello all, I've been trying to create a new RAIDZ2 pool with 10 600GB HITACHI DKR5C-J600SS disks, but I have not been able to with 'disk wipe job failed' errors in the GUI. I've run sg_format --size=512 on all the discs, rebooted, and still got the error. I tried running dd if=/dev/zero...
  6. dpchrist

    FreeNAS 11.2 RELEASE -> Storage / Pools / Import Pool -> Decrypting Disks Starting job...

    FreeNAS storage forum: I did a fresh install of FreeNAS 11.2 RELEASE, created an encrypted pool, downloaded the recovery key, and set an encryption passphrase. When I restarted FreeNAS, I navigated to Storage -> Pools, clicked "Add", selected "Import an existing pool", clicked "Next", selected...
  7. William Bravin

    RC2 not working

    hello all just installed 11.2 RC2 all menus with the exception of system and dashboard are not populated. I can no longer see my pools my users, my jails and my snapshots. I tried to re-import the disks to no avail do i reset to factory from the console or did i forget to do something?
  8. N

    Any alternative to destroying the pool

    I have a box with 4 x 6TB drives in RAIDZ2 that I want to expand to 8 x 6TB drives in RAIDZ2. AFAIK I have to destroy/recreate the pool and reload everything from backup. Is there any alternative that I might have missed? I'm looking at a day or so downtime, and a bit of risk, so I'd love to...
  9. O

    Adding second FreeNAS server for backup.. best drive configuration

    Hey guys, Looking for some help with this one. I am looking at adding a second FreeNAS server at a remote location for off site backup (replication). I am ok with the hardware setup but was wondering about the drive config. I am going to have the following drives when i start the project...
  10. murpmich59

    What to do with 7 drives?

    OK, I have spent several hours searching and browsing threw posts. Need help to point me in a general direction. In the mail on the way: Asrock EP2C602-4L/D16 dual LGA 2011 motherboard 2 ea Xeon E5 2670 v2 10 core CPU's 128gb (16eax8gb) DDR3 1600mhz registered ECC ram...
  11. R

    SOLVED How do you handle media storage?

    I've recently started building a new NAS to replace my old (which I'm still not sure if it runs ECC or not freenas box) Along the way I've though about some possible changes I'd like to make. I though about (If it's possible) migrating the whole existing pool to the new hardware (new...