pool unknown

  1. yarcod

    Problem finding disks and/or HBA after power outage

    Hi! I've had my server with a virtualised instance of FreeNAS running for more than two years now without any issues. Until the other day, when we had a power outage at home and bad shit started to happen. First of all, I have FreeNAS running as a VM under ESXi, with a 1015M in passthrough...
  2. A

    Pool Unknown, Cannon import 'ssd' : I/O error

    This is my first post here, I've read the rules, please correct me if I don't post any information correctly. Today I was editing off of my ssd (11 drive RaidZ1) pool, and everything has been working fine for 2+ years when suddenly the pool could not be accessed while I was working on a...
  3. F

    Pool not importing with latest update - 11 Nightlies

    Hello, I rebooted after installing the latest updates and my pool would not import. I reboot a couple more times and it was the same. I didn't mess with things too much as I haven't done back ups of some of the data for too long... :( I've been on nightlies for a fair while now, installing the...