pool status

  1. packinpennies

    Boot Pool after Reinstallation showing errors

    Hi, My system was running stable with the boot pool living on a mirrored set of flash drives. Recently one failed, and the other went to a degraded state and showed errors as well, so I decided to replace the flash drives with an internal SSD. I took a backup of the FreeNAS configuration, and...
  2. C

    Pool status "healthy" when resilvering

    Why does FreeNAS Web UI report the Pool status as healthy when a pool is resilvering. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say Resilvering XX.X%?
  3. carlos juan

    maybe someone had this working... I couldn't :( FAILED DISK LED

    Hello :) I have a SUPERMICRO CSE-826 2U chasis with a sas2826el1 backplane with a dell h310 IT, it works wonderfully with my MB and 6x 3TB raidz2 pool. I can turn off and on the failed leds in the chassis with sas2ircu commands which is awesome! I saw this script for freebsd that sends you an...