1. Kennyvb8

    how to start a script at boot?

    Hello i'm trying to get a program (plexdrive) to start at boot. so far i tried this in command at postinit: /usr/local/bin/screen -dmS plexdrive_screen /bin/sh /usr/local/bin/plexdrive mount -c /mnt/SSD0/home/kenny/.plexdrive -o allow_other /mnt/SSD0/PlexRemote Also tried in script postinit...
  2. Kennyvb8

    Fuse mount in iocage jail ?

    Hello! wondering if its possible now to use fuse mount in iocage jail ? the deal is, that i'm trying to use the program plexdrive to mount my google drive.. i can do this in host "freenas 11.1" and then map it into the iocage jail. how ever it doesnt automount, and so far i tried to use cron...