plex upgrade

  1. David Henrickson

    Upgrade Plex APP without redoing everything

    Hello, I have searched numerous times on this and the question seems to be there, but no real answer is ever given. I have the APP for Plex. Yes, the App, not stored in the jail. The APP. I understand updates come out....well....every time Haley's Comet comes around. I'm fine with that. I can...
  2. M

    How to update FreeNAS 11.2 plex server from to

    Hi, I finally figured out how to install plex on freenass 11.2 took forever, now I'd like to upgrade the plex server from to, any pointers? Thank you in advance! -Mirakal
  3. M

    Use FreeNAS to Upgrade Plex, or Let Plex Do It Itself . . .

    Team: VERY happy with my FreeNAS setup. In addition to FileShareing, I'm running the bhyve Virtualization and the Plex plug-in. All very nice . . . Question: When I start the Plex UI and get connected to the Plex Web-Site, it wants me to upgrade from the version included in my FreeNas...