1. K

    Suggestions for home photo/video NAS, old i3(4th) or Ryzen 5600X

    Hello all, After digging threads, I've listing some plan for my first NAS. Use for: Sync photo from google photo(via OAuth), photoprism view photo, Plex streaming, backup for personal data(SMB basically) Further maybe setup VPN for internet access. Current on-hand devices: Old CPU i3-4160...
  2. victort

    Scripted Photoprism Installation 03/06/2023

    Scripted Installation of Photoprism and Caddy with options to run behind a reverse proxy, self-signed cert, or completely independent and managing/renewing its own certs automatically using Caddy. This script will create a jail, install photoprism and caddy using a $FQDN of your choosing, and...