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  1. M

    JMB582/JMB585 on 11.2 - will it work?

    I am running Freenas 11.2u8 and want to buy a JMB582/JMB585 PCI-E sata card but support in freebsd wasn't added until FreeBSD 11.4 The commit to freeBSD is here: https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-src/commit/16b766eed443043f4216d50e40ba283e74f992c2 [April 2020] Would the card work in 11.2...
  2. A

    NVMe Driver Configuration for Consumer Drivers

    Hey, guys. I bought an adapter card to plug my NVMe driver into a PCI-e slot (adapter image is attached). This board has a super capacitor, capable of keeping the driver on for seconds in case of power failure. Enough time to write any outstanding data. It works as a UPS directly connected to...