page fault

  1. K

    zfs recv of a zvol from Solaris

    zrep - ZFS send/recv a ZVOL from Nexenta or Solaris to Freenas will crash Freenas. Attempting to ZFS Send a zvol from Nexenta, Solaris or OpenSolaris - kernel page faults Freenas 11.2 - and forces a reboot. Fatal trap12: page fault while in kernel mode - see screenshot. The underlying Solaris...
  2. onur

    Fatal trap 12: page fault... When adding new jail or VM

    When I try to add VM and run it or just add new jail, the system hangs with the following error and reboots. When VM added and run with network device. when Jail is just added: it looks like NIC network problem... any ideas? Thank you. my system: FreeNAS running under XenServer 7.1 with...