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    Optane 900p slog - Endurance loosing 1% every week (or so, consistently)

    I have a FN 11.2 u5 setup (is unit in my sig). Its mainly used for NFS -> VMware (3x hosts) , and SMB to VM Guests (and a few physical PCs, as in 3-5x ). The performance of the entire system has always been great / as expected, but i recently noticed my 280gb Optane 900p (which is used...
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    BUILD Intel Optane SSD P1600X SSDPEK1A118GA01(118GB variety) -- best uses?

    What could be the possible use cases for: Intel Optane SSD P1600X SSDPEK1A118GA01 (118GB variety) https://www.newegg.com/intel-optane-ssd-p1600x-118gb/p/1Z4-009F-00621 I snagged 3 pieces for my server build while they were in sale with the idea that I can return them until January of I don't...
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    A bit about SSD perfomance and Optane SSDs, when you're planning your next SSD....

    NOTE: I'll be referring in this page, to a type of SSD developed by Intel and Micron, called 3D X-Point (pronounced "crosspoint"). It's most widely sold as Intel's Optane. The Optane devices I mean are things like the 900p, 905p, and P48xx. First generation optane and some smaller ones aren't...
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    Shared storage for 2-3 ESXI's

    I would like to have shared storage for our ESXI's. Our current hardware: ESXI1: HP Proliant DL380 G6, 144GB RAM, 2x Intel Xeon X5675 @ 3,07GHz, 3x Intel 910 800GB PCI-E SSD as local storage. ESXI2: HP Proliant DL380 G6, 72GB RAM, 2x Intel Xeon X5675 @ 3,07GHz, 2x Intel 910 800GB + Samsung 970...
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    Contemplating Xeon-D upgrade

    You may have seen my latest post in the updates help section, but my ASRock 2750D4I motherboard seems to have failed again (the Intel clock bug got the first one). I'm somewhat unhappy with ASRocks reliability at this point (the replacement board is less than a year old). I'm considering the...
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    Is Intel Optane Supported for boot device?

    Its size(16/32GB) is just enough for boot enviroment ,much reliable than usb sticks and rather cheap (only $20) compare to ssds,the latter's price is rocket rising today and a bit over sized for boot .