1. C

    OneDrive Cloud Credentials stop working After a few days.

    I have setup a nightly config backup and set it up to sync to my personal OneDrive so I can easily access the config should something happen and I need to restore. I have had it twice now that the initial test backup works, but then it stops. I check it in a few days and it hasn't backed...
  2. stomata

    OneDrive token too long (characters) for rclone

    I am trying to configure my OneDrive to my FreeNas. I went through the instructions (, but at the point where you paste the token given, it does not fit in the Shell. It has around 2900 characters, and the limit is at 1920 characters. I have tried multiple times...
  3. S

    Rclone for OneDrive - How do I sync?

    Hi guys So ive been playing about with rclone on FreeNAS to sync my onedrive to my server. The issue ive come into is even when using the sync option on both the push and pull tasks, it does sync like for example the onedrive client. To elaborate on what i mean - If I make a file on the...
  4. W

    Using just one storage device

    Please let me know if this is the correct sub-forum: I'm thinking of converting my old Dell 620s Windows 7 machine to FreeNAS OS. I actually just replaced the hard drive in that 620s with a new 2TB Seagate drive, and reinstalled Windows 7 OS on it from the Dell recovery drives. Now I've changed...
  5. S

    FreeNAS-11.1-U1 - VM

    Hello helping hands, I need some suggestions and support for my requirements. Let me put them down first. I want to sync Dropbox, OneDrive on my FreeNAS Box I have Apple TV, and I want to play movies, music and videos present in my FreeNAS without opening my Mac Syncing some crucial data...