1. Moppen

    Ombi in a jail?

    Hi *.* as far as I understood it, it is at the moment not possible to install Ombi v3 on FreeBSD. So I tried it with v2 (v2.2.1 was the last v2) with this: Only that I pkg locked sqlite3 at first because...
  2. S

    Ombi secure remote access from a domain?

    I was looking in to a way to make this happen with a free domain hosting provider. This is the first time I've dealt with web domain hosting and I have some major questions. To get what I think I know out of the way, here's how I envision this happening: Server PC hosts Ombi jail NGINX jail...
  3. ZodiacUHD

    SOLVED Ombi Setup

    Hello everyone, i'm trying to follow this guide ( to install Ombi but i'm having issues on the last step: apparently the crontab isn't correct, any help? Type pkg update && pkg upgrade -y and press <enter> (applies updates to installed programs) Type...