1. zamana

    Installing NZBGet (the right way!) on FreeBSD/TrueNAS jail 2022-11-22

    I'm not claiming that NZBGet is difficult or complex to get running, but in order to not spent time on something that I configured in the past and need to do again recently, here is the tutorial. By the way, I saw some old unanswered/abandoned threads asking for this, so here it is. I hope...
  2. D

    SOLVED how to autostart NzbGet

    Hi there, I have created a jail, got into the jail (oh dear me) and installed nzbget with pkg install nzbget but now I would like to start and autostart it after reboot. Thanks for all willing to help
  3. D

    SOLVED FreeNas 11 - NZBGET permission denied

    Dear FreeNas Friends, just wondering if anyone installed NZBGET in a jail and got it working? I installed it and get the: root@nzbget:/nzbget # /nzbget -D /nzbget: Permission denied. output. Googled around but couldn't find anything what would fix it.
  4. D

    access jail via ssh

    I googled around and tried some things, so far: I started ssh with the jail shell with: service sshd onestart only because I have no idea how to access /etc/rc.conf. nano isn't installed etc. however. When i try to ssh into my jail, lets say: ssh: root@ I get asked for the root...