1. MaxSupernova

    All set up. Paranoid about missing something critical.

    I'm migrating all my data from an ancient NASLite+ box with a random pile of old drives in it. I just had a great time setting up my Freenas 11 box. 5 x 3TB disks in RAIDZ2 in a ThinkStation S20, volumes and shares all set up, email notifications set up, SMART testing scheduled, scrubs...
  2. rwfitzy

    rsysnc task alerts or notifications or logging

    Haven't been able to find a definite answer if there is a way to have alerts for Rsync Tasks? I've read several posts where the solution is to write own script and use via cron jobs? I did setup an Rsync Task with user who has email, which is working well. But I forced it to fail and did not...