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  1. zyrex

    Trouble virtualizing with PCIe-passthrough

    Hello, I'm trying to get FreeNAS up and running as a VM on ESXi with PCIe-passthrough, but it won't even finish booting in this configuration. Specs; - Dell R730xd - VMware ESXi 6.7 - H730P in HBA-mode - Two HP 10k SAS drives I did an install first without the HBA, and everything went...
  2. M

    FreeNAS will not boot after hard shutdown

    First of all, please do not dis me for the hard shut down, it was quite accidental. Particulars- I am not sure at this point what version of FreeNAS I am running, but it is not the latest. I am booting from a 16GB SanDisk flash drive, with a second one as a backup. Apparently after the...
  3. N

    SOLVED fresh install on SSD - 11.1.U1: "This is a FreeNAS datadisk and can not boot system. System halted."

    After struggling with version 11.0.U2 (web GUI would not be visible from any browser any more), I decided to do a fresh install of the latest version ... 11.1.U1 in my case. I installed the iso on an USB drive, so that I could install FreeNAS on an SSD. The install went fine (first fresh install...