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  1. J

    SOLVED Lacking internet from jails on one of two subnets - Setting up a FreeNAS Dual NIC configuration

    Setting up a FreeNAS Dual NIC configuration: the motherboard NIC as em0 (FreeNAS is on and an additional pcie NIC as em1 (FreeNAS is on I am lacking Internet from jails on inner subnet (with gateway that is a neighbor network to the outer...
  2. S

    Static Route for Second NIC

    Hi there Bashing my head against the wall with this one: My network is configured as follows WAN Draytek Router with WAN IP XX and private IP Sonicwall Router with WAN IP and Private IP set up for site-to-site VPN FreeNAS with IP (main IP for...
  3. Terry Wilson

    2 subnets iscI, one lun ?

    Is it possible to let say put in two individual 1 gigabit nics and have a subnet for each nic then using a crossover cable to go from each Nic to a VMware esxi host and access one lun on freenas?