1. M

    NFS with user credentials

    Hello, I am creating NFS sharing and would like to add user credentials in there. However, it looks like NFSv4 can do but it require kerberos. Searching some material it looks I need to setup another KDC like using FreeIPA. Rather then setup within FreeNAS itself. Could you please advise...
  2. Z

    NFSv4 and Kerberos issues on 11 stable and FreeIPA dc

    I use FreeIPA as a domain controller and have a number of NFS exports I'd like to use krb5 security with. After a fair amount of suffering I got this all working on Corral, but with Corral being dead I needed to do a fresh install with 11. Unfortunately now I can't get it all working again...
  3. anodos

    Methods For Fine-Tuning Samba Permissions

    Caveat: This is a work-in-progress Correctly setting permissions on any server requires care and planning. In the case of Samba servers this becomes even more important for the server administrator because he or she has to understand the differences between Windows and Unix permissions models...