new gui

  1. B

    After updating to 11.2, plugins and jails only showing in old UI, not new UI

    I updated my FreeNAS server to 11.2 and when I went to the jails and plugins section, nothing shows up. I went to test if my Plex server is working and it is which means that plugins are running I just can't see them. I then went to and saw the plugins and jails there. How...
  2. averyfreeman

    Checking out new GUI - should usage meters move?

    Hello, I really like the new UI - looks very professional. Kind of reminds me of NexentaStor. I know it's not finished, but I noticed my usage meters at the first screen are not moving. Have they not been fully implemented yet? I thought maybe there is something wrong with my VM ... I'm on...
  3. F

    FreeNAS 11 New UI - bugs/features?

    I know the new UI is in super early development so I just want to know if we should be trying to use it and report simple bugs etc? Or do we just watch and wait for a while?