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    What reasonably priced hard drives do people use?

    I have a small NAS on which I'd like to start to expand the storage. My primary pool uses WD Reds but my other pools were set up with non-NAS drives that I had lying around at the time and it is those I'd like to change out to increase storage space and improve redundancy. Unfortunately...
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    SOLVED Recommended Burn-in for an SSD

    I'm planning to upgrade my FreeNAS box, and one of the things that I plan on doing is using an SSD for the boot drive. Given that SSDs have a finite number of writes, it seems unwise to write tons and tons of data just for testing. Am I correct? What is considered best-practice for burning in...
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    Adding new drive

    I've got a single 3TB drive in a server, and it's out of space. I'd like to add another drive to it, but I don't want my data split across two different drives in my file system. Basically, I want to expand my "red" drive using the new 3TB drive. (shown in screenshot) I'm pretty clueless as...