nas build

  1. C

    First server build

    Hi everyone, I am looking to build a server to centralise and back up photos / other media so I can access the media from one central location. I have a case, fans and a power supply that I would like to re-use. I looked through the recommended hardware guide, found some the following components...
  2. Dacesilian

    BUILD E3-1225v6 or D-2123IT, 10-bay NAS with Fractal Define Node 804

    Hello, I'm build a new NAS for home-usage and I want to hear your opinion and advice about chosen hardware. I live in a small flat so my NAS will be placed on a fridge and it's only one door from my bedroom, so it should be quiet. I plan to shutdown drives at night and hope that fans will be...
  3. Kiran Kankipati

    SOLVED FreeNAS Virtual Machine (VM) (WARNING: NOT SAFE) and Software Defined Storage (SDS)

    FreeNAS Fans, Hey guys, I built and deployed a FreeNAS Virtual Machine (VM) with multiple virtual harddrives within physical harddrives spread across. It is a quite fascinating journey. I shot a detailed video of my build. Looking for your views: What I am expecting is to have an alternative...
  4. R

    Help with finding rack case for nas

    So its finally time to build my new NAS, it's been on my to-do list for a while now. I have everything that i need except for the chassis, I cant find "the one" that i want. Here is what I'm looking for: - 2-4U Rackmountable - Fit in a 600mm deep rack - Takes mATX motherboard or smaller - ATX...
  5. I

    Assembling a home NAS

    Hello Everybody, I'm new on the NAS world and I want to build a 540Tb home NAS based on FreeNAS. Here's my hardware : 1 x Supermicro SSG-6048R-E1CR24H 2 x SuperChassis 846BE1C-R1K03JBOD 56 x Western Digital Gold edition WD101KRYZ 10Tb storage 1 x TP LINK TL-SG1024 1Gbs switch With this...
  6. B

    Need input on first build.

    Hi Everybody, Just joined in hopes of learning something from some of you very knowledgeable nas gurus. I have a couple Qnaps. The last one I bought about 6 months ago. Ts-653a, came with 4 gigs of ram, decent processor for moderate use. Right now using 3 10tb Seagate drives (raided)...