1. J

    Add physical disk to a VM

    Is there a way to add a physical disk (not a zvol) to a virtual machine? My server has physical disk partitions that FreeNAS doesn't support. I'd like to mount these partitions in a Linux VM, so I can copy files off it.
  2. P

    Disaster Recovery

    My first home server was build on Windows Home Server. My system included hot swap trays for syncing data to removable drives. These drives were removed and inserted into water tight containers and put into a fire proof safe. As a retired IT disaster recovery professional I considered this...
  3. Pancackewaffle

    Nextcloud mounting so to use it as an FTP server

    i have the latest Freenas 11 version and just used the plugin version for nextcloud installation. I also have a Plex server running in a separate jail with all my movies/tv shows in it that is brought in by sonarr/radarr running in their own respective jails. my question is, can i have...
  4. S

    snapshot mounting limits - clarification of FreeNAS guide?

    Section 1.1 of the FreeNAS guide mentions four filename/path length limits for the current version. The first is accompanied by an example, the second is clear from description, but the third and fourth aren't very helpful: which to me are not exactly clear. It would help me a lot to have an...
  5. L

    iocage fstab mounts as Read-Only

    I've been playing with iocage, since I don't know if there is going to be an 11.1 jail release, for a few days and have been able to find most of the answers to my questions. However, I'm not sure how mounting datasets works. In another thread I found the command: iocage fstab -a [jail]...
  6. M

    Using FreeNAS as Vm Host for Backup

    Hi FreeNAS Community, I would like to mount a dataset directly to a hosted VM on FreeNAS 11 as I am backing up quite a lot of data from other machines over the network. If I used NFS, for instance, I would be sending the large quantity of data twice over the network (once from the client to...
  7. scrappy

    FreeNAS 11 + IOCAGE. How Do I Mount Host Datasets Inside Jails

    Now that iocage is functional in FreeNAS 11-RC4 I have created a few jails to play with. Today I decided to test out the Crashplan iocage plugin. No problem getting the Crashplan jail plugin up and running. This brings me to the real question: How do I mount FreeNAS host datasets inside the...
  8. tumblingthrough

    SOLVED Can't mount NFS shares on my linux machine

    Looking for a bit of a reminder on how to do this. I've recently got a FreeNAS machine up and running and am trying to set it up in a similar way to my old Ubuntu server. My linux laptop is my main machine and using fstab in the past I've automated the mounting on boot of the the Ubuntu server...
  9. G

    SOLVED Help finding cooler for X9SCI-LN4F

    Hi everyone, I have an X9SCI-LN4F motherboard and was planning on using an intel stock cooler with it. The motherboard was just delivered to me and while trying to install the cooler I realized it wouldn't work. The holes for mounting the cooler are too small for the Intel cooler, and there are...