1. Digitaldreams

    Inconsistencies After Upgrade 9.10.2 Stable - Checksum Mismatches: GRUB

    Hi all, I researched this for a bit and couldn't any resolution or information on this specific mismatch. I just updated from 9.10.2 to the newly released STABLE build FreeNAS-9.10.2-U2 (e1497f2) and after verification, I am getting this mismatch. The following Inconsistencies were found in...
  2. T

    connectionsmatchname: host name/name mismatch:

    FreeNAS- (2bbba09) I'm not sure if this is a FreeNAS issue, networking (dnsmasq), or configuration and am hoping someone can give me a few troubleshooting pointers. From FreeNAS: /var/log/messages: Oct 27 14:52:14 freenas smbd[60407]: STATUS=daemon 'smbd' finished starting...