mirror drive

  1. ivanavm

    Adding new hard drive to mirror

    Can I add new empty hard drive to existing pool (with data) with only one drive? We should copy data from existing pool and continue working in mirror without data loss.
  2. L

    SOLVED Convert a mirror stripe into a single drive stripe

    Hello everyone, A week ago, I got an alert saying that a few sector we're unreadable (pending). So I bought a new drive and converted my single drive pool to a mirror one with both my faulty and new drive. The problem is that I'm not planning to buy a second drive so I want to remove the faulty...
  3. A

    Replacing disk in one of a pair of mirrors - decommissioning a mirror

    Hi, I think I just need someone to tell me my plan is correct and that I should proceed. I have a 4x2Tb FreeNas system which a mate set up several years ago. It now has FreeNas 9.3 which I realise is a bit old. One drive is failing SMART but still seems to be working... sorta. I believe I...
  4. pkhoenixcomm

    Question about ZFS

    In the docs, the minimum drives is 2 which is "Mirrored", and with one more drive, I can use ZF1 Question: I have to start with a mirrored configuration as I only have 2 2gb Barracudas, but I am curious by adding the third drive down the road could I convert the Mirrored Raid to a ZF1 Raid...