1. N

    Installing 11.2 U6 on HPE Microserver Gen10 ultra slow

    hi, i have been reading through past forum posts about the HPE Microserver Gen10 and after some initial problems people seemed to have success installing FreeNAS. i bought one and now i'm stuck at installation. hardware: HPE Gen10 3216 8GB RAM. BIOS version from august 2018, this is...
  2. C

    Reoccurring middlewared failures - smartd service failures - ServiceService.result():140

    Looking for help/advice. For the last week EVERY night just after 0300 EST my server has produced Warnings, blocked tasks, LOCKED files, etc. This started while running 11.2-U4 and continued after upgrading to 11.2-U5. No system changes were made prior to this daily event taking place. My jails...
  3. eljojo

    SOLVED High CPU Usage on Ryzen 1700

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forum, please let me know if I'm posting in the incorrect format. I am new to Freenas. So far been running pretty nice, but I noticed my machine has a very high cpu usage coming from the `middlewared` process. Looking at its logs, I see that my guest...
  4. Benceking24

    11.2-U1 Install failed multiple times, middlewared error

    I tried to install a fresh clean version of the official 11.2-RLEASE-U1 but ended up reinstalling 4 times and still can't install it properly without errors under a decent time. I made an USB image with Rufus to a USB 2.0 16gb drive and then booted it. I started the install with the USB 3.0...
  5. B

    Scheduled scrub errors

    I have some 10 scheduled scrubs (default setting, 35 days) that were working fine with 11.0-U2 but started emailing me errors after updating to 11.0-U3, errors that also persist with 11.0-U4. What is strange is that the weekly scrub for the boot drive is working fine. The other scrubs send me...