1. zenon1823

    SOLVED Very slow write speeds during sas disk badblock testing

    Hey all wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. I'm continuing the shakedown on my new freenas hardware and am having an issue with write speeds to one particular model of SAS drive, and I'm not sure what to look into next. I initially had the DAS populated with 12 Hitachi SAS drives and...
  2. B

    RECEIVE DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS. CDB: 1c 01 02 80 00 00

    A few days ago I expanded my storage on my R510 running FREENAS-9.10.2-U3 by adding the below hardware; SAS9207-8E Two Mini-SAS SFF cables MD1200 two 10TB HDD's All went well, is functional, and shows to be healthy. But I keep getting strange data in my "daily security run output" now. I did...