mac address

  1. itskando

    Setting a static MAC address in order to interface Google Wifi with freeNAS jail

    I was told on the Google Wifi forums that since Google Wifi's router might have issues with jail MAC addresses, I might need to set a static one: . Does this sound correct, and if so: Is this as simple as setting the jail parameter vnet0_mac to whatever the current jail MAC address is? Would...
  2. A

    MAC Address from Plex Jail

    I just updated Freenas server from 11.1-U6 to the new 11.2 version. Everything went smoothly and I saw in the release notes that the new iocage jails are default now. So I decided to redo my Plex jail. One thing that confuses me about the new interface is where do I find the MAC address for my...
  3. D

    RancherOS VM fails to boot with MAC address set

    Just updated to FreeNAS-11.1-U4 and now my RancherOS VM won't start if the MAC address is set. I originally used this guide, , and it was working fine. If I remove the mac address from the VM nic device, it boots.
  4. Snow

    Quick question about LAGG LACP Jail setup

    Is it Possible to use sysctls to set a mac address on a jails IP address when Vimage is disabled ? I ask because I switched to LAGG LACP. I have had great Performance gains but would like my macs to be set in stone. I looked for a list of sysctls commands but did not Find any related to this...
  5. K

    fibs are using wrong arps on replies to incoming connections

    I have created multiple fibs to split my management network from my user and jails area on freenas. For internet access this works just fine jail and the base freenas can ping the internet and get file etc. The problem comes in when I attempt to send traffic from a device on the management...
  6. D

    SOLVED Bhyve NIC mac address

    Is it possible to assign a specific mac address to the NIC of a Bhyve Guest (specifically Ubuntu 16.04) This assumes one is using FreeNAS-11.0-U2 (e417d8aa5) -dekker