1. D

    New FreeNAS Build recommendations

    I am currently in the process of deciding which components I will be purchasing for my new FreeNAS build, and have a couple of questions, which I hope that some of you can help with. My intention is to run Plex on the NAS, use it as a Unifi controller, have a VM with Unifi Video running...
  2. loch_nas

    Silent Home NAS with X10SDV-4C-7TP4F and 6 x 4TB

    Hi everybody, some time ago I wanted to build a FreeNAS system on a Mini-ITX basis. A sudden change of my financial priorities has stopped those plans. So now I'm here again, with a new plan and the required money in my pocket. Planned FreeNAS services: File Sharing (SMB) for max. 4 users...