lsi 9300-8e

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    SOLVED DS4243 LSI 9300-8e Multipathing

    Hello, i have an DS4243 with two IOM6 modules installed. The diskshelf is connected to an LSI 9300-8e where i today upgraded the firmware to via DOS. My second IOM6 module arrived today too but i can't get multipathing up and running. The camcontrol devlist just shows the 24 disks...
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    SOLVED can't build Volume (MiddlewareError: Unable to GPT format the disk) DS4243

    Hello, i am new to the forum and to freenas. But i a have some experience in the linux world with other distros. Last week i buyed an DS4243 with 24 disks already pre installed (500GB SAS each) and inserted an IOM6 controller to get 6G-SCSI. I connected the diskshelf to an LSI 9300-8e in my...