lsi 9211-8i

  1. marcelovvm

    Install HBA LSI 9211-8i in HP Microserver Gen8

    Hello everyone! I'm new to using FreeNAS and I'm thinking of setting up a small server to test and learn how to use FreeNAS. I know that one of the most crucial points in the hardware configurations for a FreeNAS is always the disk controller. As the idea is to use an old HP Microserver Gen8...
  2. Z

    HELP!?! Use LSI 9211-8i with Supermicro X11SCL-F

    Hi, this is my first server build. My hardware: CPU: Intel Xeon E-2172 RAM: 32 GB Samsung REG 2666 MB: Supermicro X11SCL-F HBA: LSI MegaRAID 9211-8i SAS HDD: 6 x WD Red Nas 4TB SSD: 1 x Intel 80GB The LSI card was given to me and should already be in IT mode. I checked that the MB BIOS was...
  3. Wizman87

    Updating H310 Firmware

    Hello there, I have a Dell H310 raid adapter that I want to use for a RAID1 array (two Intel DC S3700 SSDs) and would like to update its IR firmware to the latest version. Does anyone have any suggestions or resources on how to do that? I have only been able to find "cross-flash to IT" guides...