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local backup

  1. N

    SOLVED Help to Recreate a Pool from Backup (Removable Local Backup/Restore)

    I want to expand my main pool (TANK) from 4 disks to 8 disks in RAIDZ2 which if I understand correctly means that I need to destroy the pool and restore the data. I created a backup by using the the automatic snapshot function and then a zfs send/receive from the command line. The following...
  2. eastabrooka

    Fast CIFS - Slow Local Copy

    Hello everyone I need a little help here :). I will try to be as detailed as I can and stick to the guidelines in the before you post page. Current setup: 1X Windows 7 Desktop, 1X Netgear GBE Switch. 1X HP N40L The N40L is running the latest Freenas release FreeNAS-11.0-U2 (e417d8aa5) 8gig...
  3. Arwen

    How to: Backup to local disks

    Arwen submitted a new resource: How to: Backup to local disks - Command line driven backups to direct attached disks Read more about this resource...