1. C

    Linux VMs hanging upon boot after installation, Freenas 11.2-U6

    Hello! I'm able to install Fedora 30 under bhyve, the iso boots and the installer runs via the vnc web interface. Upon reboot the linux boot hangs starting "Gnome Desktop" each time. I'm also not able to get a serial terminal into the vm to debug. Is this a known issue?
  2. J

    Linux and Windows gaming with FreeNAS as the host?

    After searching through the forums on a couple different issues, I see that it is generally better to not virtualize FreeNAS. That fact has me wondering about re-architecting my setup with FreeNAS as the host, instead of Linux/virt-manager/qemu. My system: AMD Threadripper 1950x 64GB RAM 5 4TB...
  3. anderstn

    What do these Bhyve related errors mean

    Hi I'm seeing some weird error messages whenever I start a VM. They also pop up intermittently now and then and did so even more frequently before i updated the Linux kernel of the VM's to 5.1. I believe these errors are related to a soft re-boot issue I'm seeing as I have ruled out pretty much...