1. Brownz

    lazylibrarian install in 11.2 iocage jail help

    Im attempting to install lazy librarian into 11.2 iocage. I found after a hard search there is a severe lack of install guides...something I'm quite dependent on being a freenas noob. so far I have muddled along using similar python based install guides: Current Install: pkg update pkg upgrade...
  2. Varun Chugh

    lazylibrarian keeps breaking on updating

    Have been trying to install lazylibrarian for a while. It works for a couple of days then breaks on updating. Anyone else facing this issue? any ideas on resolution?
  3. S

    lazy librarian - Jail - Book location

    Hey Guys, I have recently installed the lazylibrarian plugin on my FreeNAS 9.10. I have mounted a store which contains my library but unfortunately lazy librarian does not scan them in. I am assuming i have pointed the store to a directory which goes un-monitored... Could someone please advise...