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    password reset / keyboard not working

    Hello, I am using FeeNAS 11.2 and I forgot my password. I'm trying to reset with choice 7 on the console but when I'm asked to enter my new password, the keyboard ( usb port or ps/2 port ) doesn't work. Can you help me please ? thank you.
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    Keyboard layout in VM not working

    I am having issues with my keyboard layout in VMs. I natively use a Nordic keyboard on a Dell laptop, which I use with a Danish layout. If I create a VM inside FreeNAS, I cannot find the "-" using the Danish layout. I have tried to change the layout to US (within the VM), and then I cannot...
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    ENTER key does not work in the shell.

    Hi, I can open a shell from the GUI and type text, but the ENTER key does not work. So there is no way to issue any shell commands. All character keys work fine. Delete, shift and Caps too. Not sure about others like Ctrl, Esc, etc. What would they generate? I get nothing from them in the...