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jumbo frames

  1. Wanderhoden.

    [2019]: Network tunables for 10G NICs

    Hey there, I found some old threads regarding this topic, but they seem to be outdated / deliver no essential information. After upgrading to 10 gbe recently I did observe that the network with iperf3 was quite slow. I just peaked at around 4 GBit/s on both sites. On my windows machine (Asus...
  2. D

    Setting MTU on lagg0 via Web UI deletes static IP on reboot in FreeNAS 11.0

    FreeNAS 11.0-Release running on iXsystems FreeNAS Mini XL: Creating a lagg0 with LACP from igb0 and igb1 and assigning a static IP address works OK using the web UI. Subsequently putting mtu 9216 in the lagg0 options field and rebooting brings up the system with no ethernet access. ifconfig...