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    SOLVED apache, mysql, phpmyadmin, joomla on iocage FreeNAS 11.2 - how to install?

    Once there was a detailed and complete manual on how to install Joomla on Freenas 9/10. Unfortunately, but I can not find this article. I currently have Freenas 11.2 and I would like to reinstall Joomla with the new gui and iocade. Could someone help me with this topic. I found such an article...
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    Joomla 3.8.x on FreeNas 11.1 (11.2) with PHP 7.2 or newest

    Hi. I decided to create a new thread because nowhere can I find a solution to my problem. I hope that some of my users will help me. I currently have Joomla 3.8.12 installed on my Freenas 11.1u6. I am using the standard PHP 5.6.x, for which the support ends and Joomla requires PHP upgrade to the...