jail storage

  1. KenwoodFox

    User in iocage jail unable to access mounted dataset containing mapped user in group

    Hey FreeNAS team! I'm used to the old FreeNAS, just as a warning and I'm having trouble with this new iocage stuff I've installed Syncthing, and all the file manipulation is done with user syncthing:syncthing with id 983 Installing the plugin no longer adds the user so I added user syncthing...
  2. Janus Ng

    Mounting a SMB share for plugins persistently

    I have just cloned my FreeNAS 11.1-U5 to a Synology NAS to free up space for other usage. I share those files as a SMB share from the Synology NAS. I would like to mount the SMB share in FreeNAS and put them into the storages for the jails. Here is what I have done: Put the SMB credential...