it mode

  1. L

    Dell Perc H310 problem flash IT Mode

    Hello, I have a problem, I can't flash my H310 card in it mode. I followed this tutorial : MEGAREC.EXE -adpList OK megarec.exe -cleanflash 0 OK megarec.exe -writesbr 0 sbrempty.bin OK sas2flsh.exe -c 0 -o...
  2. T

    Dell Server - PERC H710, Convert to IT Mode or Use SAS-9211i Controller?

    Hi All - Which of these two controllers are preferred and why - LSI 9211-i in IT mode or reflashing the PERC H710 to IT mode? I believe both are hardware-based controllers, but I am unsure which TrueNAS prefers or which offers best performance. Thanks
  3. tc9999

    SOLVED X10SL7-F SAS Controller is not operational

    Hello, my old X10SL7-F stopped working so bought a replacement on eBay. When I connect my SATA drives to the SAS ports none of them are being detected so figured I needed to flash the LSI 2308 controller into IT mode, but I am unable to get into the LSI config utility (no option comes up during...
  4. Norlig

    SOLVED Help reflashing LSI 9220-8i to IT mode

    Hi, I ordered myself an IBM M1015 / LSI 9220-8i I am following these 2 posts on how to flash it to IT-mode: I started with...