iscsi multipath

  1. mullinsj08

    Poor iSCSI Performance

    Hi all, I need some advice on improving the performance of my FreeNAS server. It is primarily used to provide iSCSI storage to my 2-node ESXi cluster but currently the performance is absolutely horrid. Below is the specs of my FreeNAS: - Intel Xeon E5-1620v3 - SuperMicro X10SRi-F - 128GB DDR4...
  2. tbaror

    NFS v4.1 & LACP vs iSCSI & multipath

    Hello All, I am about to build new Xenserver platform based on common storage which will be FreeNAS powered. The storage spec will be as follows: Disk: 400 500 TBytes space available, Memory: 512GB Network 4x10G nic Storage will serve around 10~15 Hypervisor xen hosts, each host will have also...