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    NFSv4 and Kerberos issues on 11 stable and FreeIPA dc

    I use FreeIPA as a domain controller and have a number of NFS exports I'd like to use krb5 security with. After a fair amount of suffering I got this all working on Corral, but with Corral being dead I needed to do a fresh install with 11. Unfortunately now I can't get it all working again...
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    Devo per forza usare IP differenti per ogni Plugin?

    Dalla domanda si capisce bene cosa voglio ottenere, preferirei usare Transmission sullo stesso IP del server FreeNas o in alternativa far utilizzare lo stesso IP a tutti Plugin si può fare ? con Corral mi risultava molto facile in FreeNas 11 non ho trovato nessuna impostazione
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    AD/FREEIPA/FREENAS, who's up for the challenge?

    Hey all, So here is the situation, We have a windows 2012 R2 RODC that has a one way trust with freeIPA 4.3 server. I need to be able to authenticate my CIFS/SMB share on Freenas 9.10 with either of these using the windows domain creds. (ldap to AD can also be used). The caveat is that the...