1. eexodus

    Issues with SMB and inheritance

    FreeNAS 11.1-U6 and Windows Server 2016 user1: a user who owns the file share file-admins: a group my domain admin account is a member of share-group: a group who uses the file share user2: a member of share-group who needs their own private folder I have a SMB share setup like...
  2. S

    Can't get setuid/suiddir to work on a ZFS share: my mistake or bug?

    Here's what I have tried, to get owner inheritance working on my dataset. man zfs says it works for zfs if the setuid=on property has been set (although man mount says that it isn't available except for UFS?) Test results shown below with comments interspersed. Looking for feedback if this is...
  3. F

    SOLVED Permission inheriting issue when moving files

    Hi, On my SMB share, there is a directory where every users have a subdir named with their name. Everyone can deposit file to this directory, but only the "owner" can read content. Let's call this a deposit box. All deposit boxes are located inside the same ZFS dataset. Everything work fine if...
  4. T

    permissions/inheritance: FreeNAS vs Windows

    Hello, We have been using FreeNAS on our campus for a few years now and I must say, it's a great storage solution. Better than many commercial offerings! However one issue came up when we had to migrate a Windows server to FreeNAS on an emergency basis (the windows server crashed). The samba...