ibm m1015

  1. TheWoo

    SOLVED Flashing Dell Perc H310, H200, IBM M1015 to LSI 9211-8i under UEFI: Solution to „ERROR: Cannot Flash IT Firmware over IR Firmware“

    This post is to prevent more people from getting insane over trying to re-flash their HBAs (Host-Bus-Adapter)/SAS Controller in order to make them FreeNAS compatible. I spend an entire night finding the solution... There are countless instructions on the web on how to re-flash your IBM M1015...
  2. hellokevin11

    IBM M1015 with sas expander?

    I got a great deal on a 16 bay 3u chassis with a backplane, but it turns out to be an sas expander. Will freenas be ok running 16 drives off one connector on the M1015 card (it mode flashed) Chassis: Chenbro RM31616R
  3. timpj5

    SOLVED IBM M1015 Flash to LSI 92xx

    Ok, so I have followed the numerous guides out there on flashing the IBM M1015 card to the IT firmware. In fact, I have even done it previously once, a while ago on another box, it worked exactly as all the other tutorials suggested, a made notes of exactly what I did and it mirrors all the...