1. R

    New hostname not resolving after changing domain

    Hi guys, I just build myself my first FreeNAS and I am really excited about it:D I'am just having a small issue with it:rolleyes:, I changed the domain on my FreeNAS from "local" to "home" via the GUI. The problem is that the new hostname "freenas.home" can not be resolved by the network...
  2. sdgenxr

    SOLVED hostname nor servname provided, or not known

    OK, I'm about over with FreeNAS. When it works, it works fantastically! When it doesn't, I'm pulling my hair out for days/weeks and giving up on it completely. After the update that killed SMB v1, I lost access to my shares via browsing by hostname (\\server), and could not connect via IPMI...
  3. C

    DDNS hostname in FTP Masquerade address

    Hello, I'm running FreeNAS 11.1 U4. I'm trying to enter a DDNS hostname into the FTP service's Masquerade address field. When I attempt to do this, it does not allow me: However, in the 11.1 U4 documentation, it clearly states that I can use a hostname for this: Is this a bug, was the...