home server

  1. T

    Is an I5 7400 enough for a home server?

    Okay so, I'm going to upgrade my main pc soon, but I was wondering if my current I5 7400 with 8GB of RAM would be enough to run a home FreeNAS server for a daily backup system, a Pi-hole adblock system, and I'm not sure yet but maybe a Plex media server. For me at least, this sounds like a lot...
  2. SeaFox

    Recommendation for 4-bay drive setup.

    I'm working on a new build right now. I already have motherboardboard/CPU/RAM and am reusing my existing chassis. This is a 4 bay hot-swap case. I also can add two SSDs inside, but I'm really writing more about how to use the main storage bays. I'm currently behind the times a bit (points at...
  3. A

    Looking for Home Server chassis

    Hi there, Recently my Home Server chassis got damaged in transport. Fortunately all the hardware survived but I am in need of a new chassis. I was using a Fractal Define R5. My requirements are: - Support for 8x HDD and 2x SSD - Support for ATX motherboard and PSU - Dust filters -...