home directory questions

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    Trying to create user home directories via SMB is driving me bonkers.

    OK. I have to be doing something wrong here. The problem has to be me. But the problem is I can not figure out what. I am trying to make home folders for local users and every page I look up for instructions on how to do this does not work. Here is what I am doing. OS: FreeNAS-11.2-U6 Pool...
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    If FTP is enabled, each domain user can store data via FTP in its home directory

    Hello, I have a freenas with a registered AD installed. As soon as a domain user connects to the system, a home directory is created. The home directory becomes a problem when you enable FTP. Now every domain user can log in via FTP and store data uncontrolled in his home directory. We want to...
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    Few newbie questions I haven't found an answer for

    Hi folks! I just started to learn how to use FreeNAS, the best practices of the many things you can do with it and, while toying with my new creature, I asked myself (and tried to find the answers on the web) these three things: It's better to share the "root" dataset or all of its children...
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    Home Directories

    Greetings, My questions are as follows; What exactly is the home directory? Is it the same as user profile folder in windows where custom config and setting are stored? Do i need to set a home directory or can it be left as default being /nonexistant? I created two users which reside in two new...