1. T

    Hello (FreeNas) World!

    Hello to everyone!
  2. Alpinesun

    Hi all, newbie from the UK

    Hi all, Wanted to say hello officially. I've been running FreeNAS for about six months after becoming tired and frustrated by QNAP and Synology NAS products. So far I've not has any major issues and loving the flexibility of the software and the huge support based associated! I'm in the UK...
  3. T

    Hello from Stirling, UK

    Hi, This is my first FreeNAS (and indeed FreeBSD) project, but luckily I've been using Linux since the mid '90s... so I'm not a total noob to the CLI ;-) I'm currently making my home file-server ( http://www.gavsworld.net/?page=The%20Server ) more rugged, since CrashPlan have announced that...
  4. E

    Hello from Bremen

    I use FreeNAS on a HP microserver Gen9 to store some data for some university projects.
  5. FreeNAS4Ever


    Hi, all. I'm looking forward to building my first media server and installing FreeNAS.
  6. M

    Hi from Belgium - this is my system

    Hello, My name is Mario, 24 y.o. Windows / .NET developer from Belgium. I've been wanting a NAS for a long time, and now based upon recommendations I've chosen FreeNAS to finally power my first system. I'm a true DIY'er at least when it comes to everything related to IT. Buying something like a...
  7. KnightSirius

    Greetings from Canada!

    Glad to back on the FreeNAS scene! I finally recovered enough hardware from various other old builds to put together a semi-reliable (albeit OLD) home server! System Specs CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9450 (Yorkfield ~2008 ish) Mobo: ASUS P5Q TURBO (P35 Chipset) RAM: 8GB / 800MHz DDR2 GPU: GTX 470/9600...
  8. DawnTreader

    Technological "Reniasance" Man says "Hi!" :)

    just dropping in the required hello.
  9. C

    Howdy and hello

    Hey folks, I am new to FreeNAS and exited about my journey - I've owned and run a Drobo FS, Synology 1512+, and various iterations of vSphere leveraging NAS/iSCSI - so it shouldn't have too many surprises... although I am not a storage guy at all, and I am also new to ZFS. So who knows. Glad...