hard drives

  1. Monkey_Demon

    "True Hot Swap" or just "Hot Swap"?

    According to Wikipedia: Using appropriate SCSI drives with a motherboard & BIOS that support true hot plugging, this would imply FreeNAS does too. But this thread and this post suggest otherwise. For example, the post explicitly says, I searched The Fine Manual for "hot swap" with no luck. So...
  2. J

    Transferring the same hard drives to a new system

    I currently have freenas installed on a SSD, with only the OS on it, and then I have a second drive with everything else (pool, jails, VMs, etc.). When transferring these drives to a new system (Dell Poweredge R410) I installed the SSD first and it booted to FreeNAS just fine. I then powered off...
  3. U

    Inconsistent number of disks at boot

    Hello, I am having an issue with my system where on boot a different number of disks are showing up each time. There are 23 attached but every time I reboot a different amount are showing as attached, meaning I can't create the pool I want to, then on the off chance all the disks are attached...
  4. H

    Adding hard drive to plex jail

    I setup a freenas server strictly as a plex media server (I'm probably under-utilizing freenas) and I've used it for a while buy I'm maxing out my storage and wanted to add a hard drive to my existing plex jail library. So I have 1 hard drive now as my media jail with movies and TV shows...
  5. H

    Existing FreeNAS server: Adding secondary external drives

    I've built my current freenas setup in an old tower with several 1TB HDDs inside. However, my space is getting clogged up now and it's going to be a while before I have my full 16TB server to convert everything over, so here's my question: With my existing working server, could I connect 3 of...