1. fahadshery

    SOLVED How to install Handbrake Step by step on FreeNAS 11

    Hello Smarty pants! I successfully built my first ever FreeNAS box (https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/b/NbpG3C) I have just one jail running Plex Media Server. As the built has a good processor, I want to install Handbrake to re-encode my media (Family holidays vids etc.) to reduce size! But i have...
  2. Supa

    Media Encoder Jail (ffmpeg, handbrake, filebot)

    Create the jail Install the encoding options you'd like to use inside the jail. 'jls' to see the list of jails and to enter the jail: 'jexec #'. I installed the following pkg install python pkg install ffmpeg pkg install handbrake Filebot: Extracted the portable package into a folder in the...