1. T

    FreeNas Nvidia Quadro K4000 Suppport

    So I am running FreeNas with a Emby jail and I would like to add a GPU to the server for emby to utilize. Is this possible? If so would the k4000 work with FreeNas and would emby be able to utilize it (not an expert on jails and if hardware passthrough would be needed) Is the a better card...
  2. nojohnny101

    SOLVED New Xeon, VGA error on boot

    Hey everyone, So I just installed a Xeon E3-1240 v3 with the stock cooler (left over from a G3258, from what I could tell they use the same stock cooler form intel). Anyways, I cleared CMOS as per my board's instructions but I think it is having trouble booting. While posting, my board beeps 3...
  3. R

    FreeNAS 11 BHYVE Graphical drivers for Windows 10

    Hi all, Again, sorry if this question has been posted before - could not find it. I`m using FreeNAS-11.0-U4 (54848d13b) [updated from 9.3] and have created a Windows 10 VM, which all works OK and I can connect to it via TightVNC and Microsoft`s RDP. The problem is this: I had a similar VM...