google wifi

  1. itskando

    openVPN couldn't connect in location with same router model

    I followed the Bibi40k install openVPN guide to setup a VPN server. This works in most places, but when connecting the client in a separate residence (which happens to use the same router [Google Wifi] and the same local network [] as the server location), the client could not...
  2. itskando

    Setting a static MAC address in order to interface Google Wifi with freeNAS jail

    I was told on the Google Wifi forums that since Google Wifi's router might have issues with jail MAC addresses, I might need to set a static one: . Does this sound correct, and if so: Is this as simple as setting the jail parameter vnet0_mac to whatever the current jail MAC address is? Would...
  3. itskando

    SOLVED Router doesn't see jail IP

    Someone mentioned forwarding ports on my router for a specific jail. The jail has a static IP. My router actively sees my freeNAS OS IP, and the plex and transmission plugin IPs. It does not see the openVPN jail IP. Is there some jail parameter or service that is necessary to advertise the...