google drive

  1. G

    Cloud sync, Google drive token expiring

    Good day everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble getting Cloud sync to work with google drive. I was able too get my google drive token from and get a scheduled sync working however It keeps failing giving me a status of ( FAILED:RCLOI ) my guess...
  2. L

    Cloud Credentials/Cloud Sync - Google Drive

    Hey all, I was wondering if we could get more information on how to configure Cloud Credentials for Google Drive? I know it's new functionality so the documentation is sparse. I'm sure I'm missing something really silly or making everything overly complicated but I've tried the following to get...
  3. S

    Cloud Sync

    General question regarding Cloud Sync ... Let's say you have the following scenario: (a) Push Sync with a source dataset of several hundred GBs or even TBs, (b) Provider = Google Drive (unlimited), (c) max upload bandwidth = 70 mbps If the sync task is interrupted for some reason (whether it...
  4. P

    Replicação em nuvem

    Olá Tenho uma duvida em relação ao FreeNas, queria saber o seguinte: Faz backup/replicação em nuvem(Google Drive, Amazon...) ? Alguém que já fez poderia me falar sobre a experiencia(configuração e realização do procedimento) ? O que se pode usar para fazer esse procedimento(softwares...
  5. E

    Google Drive on NextCloud Without a Domain?

    I'm trying to configure NextCloud at home for everyone to use and also have Google Drive files sync to everyones NextCloud login. I'm a bit stuck as to how I would configure the OAuth since it needs a domain and does not allow local IP addresses. Has anyone here successfully done this?
  6. James1432

    FN9.3.1 Owncloud Plugin

    Hey there Mainly due to the help of Joshua I have managed to get the Plugin running and a proper SSL installed. The problems I am having now are.. 1. Documents MS Word support (requires openOffice/libreOffice) Local openOffice/libreOffice is installed on this server. Path to binary is...