1. S

    Create GIT Server in IOCage Jail - In a few easy steps

    Setting up Git Server On FreeNas Jail Taking some time to share this tried and tested approach *I Took* in order to set-up GIT Server on Jail.. In my implementation I used a zfs mountpoint so that I could have a working code base on a separate disk /pool and also for backup. Also you will need...
  2. MrToddsFriends

    Can the presence of git in FreeNAS be presumed?

    Recently I noticed that git (base command line install) is a part of the FreeNAS base system. # cat /etc/version FreeNAS-11.1-U5 (8e2a858a1) # git --version git version 2.14.1 Can we presume that git will be part of future FreeNAS base installs, too, now that git-shell is offered as a choice for...
  3. NickR

    Subdomain and all subdomains routing to jails

    Hi all, I'm totally new with FreeNAS, but I already find it the best solution for the stuff I want. I'm just itching my head because I can't figure out the last thing anymore that I need to make my FreeNAS set-up 100%. Ok, here's the deal. I got a domain I configured a subdomain...